Writer’s Block

My clients are successful, professional writers whose work is shown nightly on BBC, ITV and Channel 4. They include scriptwriters, playwrights, editors, and BAFTA and EMMY award winning writers.

They write comedies, dramas, soaps, sit-coms, original series and plays ~ everything from the familiar and heart-warming to the bizarre and surreal.

All successful writers reach a point where they temporarily run out of steam and lack the confidence to try a new project. Many feel lost and isolated because they feel blocked-up for the first time in a previously glittering career. It’s easy to feel the weight of others’ expectations and fear that your creativity is running dry.

Sometimes, the more successful you’ve been, the harder it is to try something new or admit to how scared you feel and that’s how writer’s block begins.

A short series of intense, confidential sessions dissolves that knot of panic and expectation that prevents the flow of ideas. After some in-depth work on your strengths and hidden beliefs, you’ll soon find your creativity flowing into all kinds of new areas.

Do you recognise yourself here? Then why not discover how much it can help to talk confidentially to someone who knows your industry without being part of it.

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