Psychotherapy / Counselling

Psychotherapy or counselling is a form of talking and listening. You talk and I listen.
Sometimes, just that is enough to feel that a weight has been lifted and that someone has really paid attention to what you have to say.

At other times, we may need to look a little deeper into your past to find out why certain things in your present feel so upsetting. This brings relief and understanding. When you know why a certain thing is
so difficult, it can often dissolve that feeling completely and the situation loses all its power over you.

The process of psychotherapy/counselling gives you back some control of your life. Whilst it can’t prevent difficult events, it can help you to change how you feel about them. This helps you to
understand yourself and others so much more.

People who decide to try a short course of sessions with me are often dealing with panic and anxiety, phobias, past trauma, bereavement, relationship problems, work-related stress or simply feeling dissatisfied with their lives.

If any of this sounds like you, please call me on 0151 475 6337 to find out more.

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