Building A Nest

Four of Air from ‘Gaian Tarot’ by Joanna Powell Colbert


Now some of you may not like the Tarot. You may think that it is occult, or just quackery and nonsense. All I can say about it is this: I pray each time before I use it, asking Jesus to speak to me through the cards and I am constantly amazed at how accurate it is.

I use the Gaian Tarot, created  by Joanna Powell Colbert and I did her training course to learn how to read it.

A few days ago, I decided to do a three card reading for myself to somehow get clear on how to best spend my time, (as opposed to messing about doing little bits of everything and never really achieving anything !)

Card 1 shows my Opportunity – The Four of Air, (or Swords in some decks). The eggs are my creative ideas, still needing to be kept warm, still developing. The nest is the protective boundary that I need to protect those ideas from external forces that can steal my time, (and internal ones such as housework and Fb…)

Card 2 was my Challenge – The Two of Earth, (or Pentacles in some decks). This picture shows a father holding a pair of twins and trying to buy food at a market stall at the same time. I am doing too much multi-tasking – always my weakness! I seem to be allergic to doing one task at a time and actually completing it. But how to change?

Card 3 is the Resolution – The Canoe, or in some decks, The Chariot. The picture shows a woman determinedly paddling her canoe and it indicates that I need to live authentically, which can mean against the current of what is thought of as the norm. In my life, this means ignoring people and my inner voice who say : “Shouldn’t you be out there earning money?” “Shouldn’t you be giving time and energy to other things and not your creative work?”

Luckily, this card reassures me that I have the courage and determination to paddle my own canoe – upstream, if necessary.

I’m holding onto all this advice and putting into practice. It’s hard because as usual, I  want to do 100 things all at once, but I’m narrowing my focus. This is going to be new, unchartered territory for me. I wonder what will happen?



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