Black Snake Mother

A big black snake came to me in a dream. It was a Black Mamba – the most venomous snake in the whole of Africa. In real life, these snakes are a dullish grey-brown but this one was a shiny jet black and that was important.

I was terrified and repulsed at the same time and ran out of the room. That was strange because in real life, I quite like snakes.

When I woke up and thought about the dream, I could still feel the shiver of fear and panic that the sight of the snake produced.

Frightening figures in dreams usually have important messages. Even though I know this, I had to steel myself to feel into what the snake might have to say.

I realised that the colour black was important and referred to rich, black soil – a reminder that I need to be grounded. Jet itself, the shiny aspect of the snake’s scales is formed deep in the ground. The dream coincides with a period in my life where after a year spent in the wilderness of grief, life is finally taking off again. I am presented with offers, opportunities, creative projects…

As a number 7 on the Enneagram of personality and someone who loves possibilities, this is intoxicating. It fills me up like a helium balloon and my feet soon leave the ground as I float away on dreams of what could, might be…

The snake reminds me that I am free to dream but that my feet must remain buried in the soil, like a plant, because that’s where the roots of my creativity are. Without it, I am just drifting.

This is a black snake mother who will coil around my feet and keep me anchored. No need to be frightened of her, but every need to be grateful.

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