How Can I Be Successful in 2015?


Dear Friends,

This, as you know, is New Year’s Eve and as well as feeling we ought to be out partying, (although we haven’t actually been invited to any parties), we feel we ought to be taking stock and forming new resolutions.

So as well as feeling friendless and unloved, we end up feeling guilty and determined to punish ourselves some more with strict new rules!

How can we really be assured of success in the New Year?

Try taking a leaf out of Danielle La Porte’s book ‘The Desire Map’ and start by deciding how you want to feel in 2015 instead of thinking about what you ought to do.

Once you get clear about how you want to feel, (no more than three or four feelings), begin to work out what you can do that will create those feelings within you. Those are the things you need to do and they may not include going to the gym!

Bringing your actions in line with your feelings and not the other way round, is far more likely to succeed because how we feel drives what we do far more than we think.

One last tip – whatever you decide and whatever you do, be as kind to yourself as you would to a small kitten or puppy and you are laying the foundations for success far more than giving yourself a telling off. Recriminations and punishment never work and kindness and love always do.

Happy New Year!

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